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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I promise K & K is still here, I have just been a lil MIA this past week with some puppy troubles!
I am also trying to revamp the bloggity blog up a bit within the next couple weeks,
but then will be back to regular postings!
Sorry friends =)

City Writes

I was a budget Bride. Which meant Calligraphy was not high on the list of things I needed, but I came across one calligrapher who was able to work with my tiny budget and I dont regret spending the money @ all! Kari Jo of City Writes is just wonderful to work with, and I just love the whimsy to her writing =) She also creates personalized stationary as well has hand written invitations...

Here is what I used her for, our escort cards! This lil project ended up being super cheap too, I am going to post about our super fun buttons (which had the table # listed) soon!!!!

*Our lil cards were .75 cents each (we did per couple too)

Photo Credit: Gabriel Ryan Photographers
A sample invitation she made! {Sigh} sooo beautiful!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hold on me

I have always loved Zooey Deschanel and now I have completely fallen in love with She & Him!
Perfect Wedding Song =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sparkle Motion

Hey there cheaper than Loubs!

Lamb Sequin Peep Toe $395.00 via Shop Bop

Monday, April 13, 2009

Slide Show

While again Slideshows can be a trendy thing to do in weddings,
I really think its up to the B &G if its what they want =)
For me I loved having all the baby pics of my hubby shown @ our wedding
and this was the song we used for his pics!
Its kind of hard to find a non-cheesy one for the gents!

Oh and FYI this was the only Youtube for this song, and I really didnt want to use the one from the OC =) lol.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Flower Girls -recessionistas!

So while the other Flower girl Dresses I blogged about are fabulous, I wanted to try and be more budget conscious!
Its always a funny situation with who pays for the flower girl outfits...I ended up really lucking out and my fabulous SIL's paid for our girls tutus and pink converse!
But while pursuing one of my fav. sites (Jcrew) I always have to rummage through the CREWCUTS area =)
And seriously these lil dresses are a steal (well the 2nd, and 3rd one are for sure)!


For me I think that the personality of a bride is reflected best in her shoes =)
I dont know why, but I just feel like you can get a sense of character from them immediately!
So I just love love love this bride who swapped out her heels for some Chuck Taylors!!!
Umm way too RAD. Add in the radical OUR LABOR OF LOVE photographers + The hippest DJ on the block right now (FLASHDANCE) and we have such a FAN-FREAGIN-TASTIC wedding!

All images from OUR LABOR OF LOVE!
Be sure and check out the rest of the wedding on their Blog of Love =)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy {Early} Easter!

Spend it with the ones you LOVE!

Poster: I love it for a home, and also for a Wedding Gift =)


I recently stumbled upon the work of Roger & Lyndzee Ellsworth of EP Love Photography ! And I am in love =) their work just blows my mind! And this one session they did had me squealing with bridal joy! Really most brides dont take advantage of "Day After" shoots, and feel like its sooo limited to having the same bridal attire, etc... but not anymore! Its a completely different feel than your wedding day, you are calm and relaxed =) & can truly make it sooo creative and unique!

This one is amazing =) and they had to post the awesomeness is parts! These are my favorites from Part 1! Check out Part 1 & Part 2 on their bloggity blog!
I really think their style just screams character, and I love that!!!!!

Jelly Bellies

Dear Easter Bunny, I want these instead of candy. Thank you kind sir. xoxo.