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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kate Towers

I first blogged about Kate when I stumbled upon Twigs and Honey
and I couldn’t help but shriek with excitement when I sifted through her
new collections!

Her sparkly new website is adorable!!!! I just love it!
Etsy shop is the only way I can get my grubby lil hands on one of her pieces for right now.
They all are like a dream, fluffy & sophisticated pieces of perfection.

Well enough of my “ooohing” & “ahhhhing” check out all the lovelies!

Lately I am loving non white wedding dresses- this one is divine!
(I have a couple more I love- cookin up that posty!)

UPDATE: :( the cape has sold
This lovely cape is in her Etsy Shop right now :)
I would have loved to wear this at my wedding!!! *Le Sigh*

Kate creates custom wedding gowns for The English Department in Portland.
I have never wanted to live in Oregon, until now!

So loverly
This dress is STUNNING, I know you cant really see it, but its like you just know its amazing!


I love everything about this outfit!

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