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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Looking for the writing on the.....Stairs

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a one story house, or maybe because I just feel better after I climb the dreaded moving stairs at the gym, but I just love STAIRS.

Even though we don’t have home (yet) I really really would love to get a home with stairs.
While pursuing some beautiful images of… well… stairs,

I became inspired with the possibility to incorporate stairs into some photo shoots.

But not just regular old plain stairs. Nope were talking about some bedazzled Stairs!!!
Okay not really bedazzled (I just wanted to use the word), more like infusing some personality into the stairs via wordage.
A fun location with rad environment friendly flight of steps is an indie shopping area

in Costa Mesa called THE CAMP.


They have awesome little messages in the parking spaces as well.
I hope that I can shoot just the right couple there soon!
I was thinking of taking the wordage a step further with a couple,
just add some awesome stairs + old love letters/emails/texts (well you get it) + sidewalk chalk and just write out their personal messages on the stairs!
I think that adding that romantic flair into your photos would be absolutely beautiful!!!!
And then of course one step further...
Once the wedding is over and you start to set up shop in your new home;
why not personalize your stairs with your wedding vows
or perhaps the card you wrote to each other on your wedding day?!!?
Bits of the groom’s words & bits from the bride’s words alternating with each stair!
You could either paint em, or do what this couple did and use a sharpie.

(also posted on Apartment Therapy-Boston & Bandelle)

Although the sharpie wasnt the original plan :)
This amazing husband and wife (also
amazing architects) built their dream home
and on their temporary stair treads the couple inscribed lines from a valentine’s letter that Cummins’s grandfather penned to her grandmother during the World War II era.
Umm Wow!
Once the house was almost complete they couldnt replace the stairs, coincedience... I think not!
For me and my hubs I think I would dig through our memory boxes (yup he saved one too!) of when we 1st started dating and find cute lil notes we wrote each other!
It would be such a lovely reminder in a home for sure.

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