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Friday, January 16, 2009

I love you more than... I love you more than blank

All the cool kids are doing it.
Heading to I love you more than blank that is!
A fun lil project started by Paper White Studio.
They are “aiming to depart from the cliche valentines sentiment
and find out the real things we are willing to put insecond place for love.”
Seriously I am in love with this idea!
I just sent in my own “ I love you more than…” ‘s
& my hubby is doing the same!
I have a lil project up my sleeve to show you guys ours!
But until ours are done I thought I would post my favorite ones on the blog thus far!

I could (and have) watch this movie over and over again
Oh Scrubs is just the bestest ever!

I thought this one was hilarious...

I really do ; )

Im obessed with Google Reader

Yeah Mr. Bubbles

Love this feeling :)

These are the only 2 that I know who the author is!
Funny thing is I don’t even watch Law & Order, but I LOVE that sound!!!

So many awesome bloggers sparked this post:
Smitten, Swiss Miss, Tenacious Dee , & Darling Dexter

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