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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet Dreams are made of these

Image via Candi Mandi

I read this post on apartment therapy this week & it was such a great post for the New Year!
The hubs and I are completely guilty of these bad habits in the bedroom…

but now I am striving to correct that.
I believe that your bedroom really does affect your mood
And there are so many easy ways to instantly make your space stress free!
The big ones I am guilty of….
Clutter, Not planning for enough storage, Unflattering lighting,
& Not shutting the door against the world.
I am especially guilty of not shutting the door against the world,
their advice
“Even if your bedroom doesn't have a door, consider shutting it figuratively
against the intrusions of the day.
The bedroom's best left for romance and rest.
Try keeping work, and the television, out and let your bedroom be a retreat from the day's cares.”
So now I am on a mission to piece together our dream bedroom
I pretty much want to piece together different rooms to create our look!
All bedroom images via
Elle D├ęcor
I love the book selves around the bed, mine would be filled with
magazines, children's literature, and bits & bobs from Anthropologie!

I don't think my hubs would let me paint the bedroom this color,
but I just love the cushion headboard

The size of this bed is ridiculous, but I love it!

Love this bed :) gorgeous color!

Love the nooks and crannies for books

My love of chalkboard paint has been ignited again
I cant wait to paint a border around our bedroom and write sweet nothings all around the room!

Image via Apartment Therapy

Image via Decorno
Thought these cheeky pillows would be fun (hidden under the duvet of course!)
I could only find them here though...

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