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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

X's and O's - Paperie

So you should know by now that I am in love with LOVE.
And Valentine's Day is just another reason to tell someone you love them!
Every year single or taken I have had so much fun on Valentine's Day
(whether I was dancing the night away with girlfriends,
or enjoying a lovely meal with my "at the time" fiance- now hubby)
So in the spirit of V-day I have quite a few posts filled with Valentine's day goodness,
and also a lil project I have in the works for V-day as well!
So 1st up Paperie goodness :)

I HAVE to get this card for my hubby!
Ever since we got our puppy we always joke that he thinks he is the
"King of the Castle" (a la Borat) and we just cant stop saying it!
We are easily entertained :)

I love this cute Valentine!
Bird and Banner always creates the most lovely things :)

Perfect for the New Hubby!!!! ; ) or soon to be Hubby!

SuzyJack* is a fabulous Designer who created this lil gem!
Seriously love love love her stuff!

Hand Sewn sweetness from Bird and Banner ;)

Seriously. Could this get any cuter?!

This is actually a poster :) but I just love it!
Hmm I may have to get this just because :)

Still to come.... Crafts, Sweets, & Presents!

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