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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I feel like so much of the planning and prepping is all for the ladies with weddings!
And while that is all lovely, I think the gents often get a tad neglected.
So I compiled some fun gifties for the guys,
while it could be a fun something for the groom, or fun gifts for your groomsmen.
Seriously let’s stop with the alcohol related crap for gifts shall we
Some fun finds…

Fun Moustache Pencils- sorry but I think they are funny :) $11.97

Awesome i pod speaker dressed up as a Lego! And love the price tag: $25 bucks!

Sadly I think some of these are no longer available through
Neiman Marcus,
but the ColdPlay mug is available along with another "Positive" Mug $20.00
(currently on back order though)
Great for the music enthusiast!

A cheeky lil business card holder :) I love it! Maybe just for the Groom though: $60.00
Via Made by Girl/Coco+Kelley

So me and the hubby were on the Lost bandwagon for a couple years,
but have since dropped off.
Sorry but we have moved on to greener pastures (Weeds & Dexter)
But I still think these would be awesome as a gift for the guy who is still a kid at heart!

Via Urban Outfitters

Okay so I said no alcohol crap, but I love these!
I think only a Metro would be able to appreciate these and their vintage goodness though :)
Vintage Decanters via Etsy sadly they have sold out!

So what guy wouldn't love a
mini Air Hockey Table! Originally $40, on sale for $19.00!!!
Urban Outfitters also has
Mini Pool & Foos Ball tooI made you a beard just made me giggle :)
I would definitely buy
this one just because for my hubby because he really really wants a beard,
but sadly was not given the gift of facial hair :)
All beards:$40.00

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