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Friday, February 6, 2009

Fufilling their Destiny

So I have been thinking of this concept for a while now.
Sometimes I just want to decorate with clothes. Some clothes are just meant to be shown!
They need to fufill their destiny of being shown on you or not :)
So I stumbled across these images and was immediately smitten ; )
Hopefully my hubby trusts me to decorate tastefully with pretty frocks!!!!

Onto the goods!!!

So my lovely lil nieces wore pink tutu's in our wedding
and I am thinking I need to possibly get them back
(seeing as how they already out grew them :) )

Image from Bazaar Style by Selina Lake via Made By Girl
I dont think I would do this in a living room persay,
but def. think its charming in a walk in closet!

Image by Twig Hutchinson via Desire to Inspire

This is adorable!
Again may need some tweaking with the concept
since its not the most practical place for a dress…
But then again Practical, Smmaractical! ;)

Image via this is glamourous from Vogue UK
I would love love love to hang this gown in my closet, as decor, when I wasnt wearing it :)
*Le Sigh* I can dream about owning it...

Image via Desire to Inspire

Not really relateable to the post, but I cannot wait to have a giant "R" in our home! So rad ;)

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