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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blushing Bride

So I don't know who has been watching the show BLUSH on lifetime,
its a reality contest for the next Great Makeup Artist,
but MY wedding makeup artist won!!!
I seriously couldn't be happier for him, he truly is such a sweetheart!
I cant even believe that I snatched him up for my wedding last year-craziness!
Well I wanted to brag about his goodness since this is such a huge accomplishment for him.
(and an excuse to show some more wedding pics lol)
I couldn't find the fashion show images from the finale,
( you can catch it here)
but I will show you some of the magic he worked for me!
I gave him this picture of Camille Belle
(well it wasn't actually this pose, but I couldn't find my original one)
who I just think is always gorgeous, so this was our inspiration!

And this is the A-MAZ-ING-NESS he created on me, I swear I am not conceded, he had a rough surface to work with for sure, as I don't roll out of bed looking so polished.
Hence the early stages of getting ready...

Nolan made me feel truly beautiful on our wedding day, and I am so thankful for him :)
So THANK YOU Nolan, you deserve everything headed your way!!!
If you want to see more check out
Nolan's Portfolio (see weddings and ours is the 1st one-woot!)

Images by the lovely AHS Photography

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